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Since its foundation at 1976, Auxilab has been devoted to production and distribution of laboratory supplies. The quality given to its products, to investment in R+D, its highly qualified professionals and competitive prices have become this company a reference in the sector.

For more than 45 years Rogo-Sampaic has been a reference company for laboratory supplies distributors in France since it is a big logistic platform dedicated to import independent laboratory equipment and consumables.

In March 2011 Auxilab purchased the 100% of Rogo-Sampaic, which involved a noticeable development of both companies, by creating a stronger competence in distribution of laboratory equipment and consumables, thanks mainly to the following points:

  • Increase of the catalogue product range up to 16.000 references.
  • Increase of the capacity of stock (warehouse of 6.500 m2).
  • Increase of the customer and supplier portfolio.
  • Increase of the market share in Spanish and French markets.
  • International coverage in more than 70 countries.
  • Own trademarks such as Nahita, Nahita-Blue, Zuzi, Digipette, ENDO Glassware, ENDO Plasticware, ENDO Proteclab, Ura-Technic, RS Lab, RS-France and Ghaasel.
  • Represented brands such as Kartell, Jipo, Simax, Glassco, Vitlab, Avignon Ceramic, Selecta, Socorex, RSG-Solingen, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Agencinox, Gilac.
  • Wide offer of products for sanitary, food, environmental, chemical and educational laboratories.
  • Certified ISO 9001 by AENOR (since 1999).


  • The main mission of Auxilab/Rogo-Sampaic is to provide distributors with the best price/quality relationship in all their range of products and with reduced delivery time.
  • To achieve the maximum satisfaction of customers; thus, one of our main targets is to offer and excellent technical and after-sales service.
  • To offer customers a wide range of quality products at very competitive prices.
  • The distribution of our products is made exclusively through authorized suppliers, which guarantees more proximity, service and warranty.


Price and service are the base of Auxilab/Rogo-Sampaic philosophy.

Competitive advantages:

  • Price: excellent price/quality relationship, to achieve the maximum profitability for our customers.
  • Service: immediate delivery. Orders are delivered from our warehouse in 24/48 h.
  • Stock: wide range of products in stock to assure a very low stockout rate.
  • Logistics: high quality in service to customers, transport, inventory management, order processing.
  • Technical assistance and after-sales service : qualified department that manage all our customers necessities.


The main target of Auxilab/Rogo-Sampaic is to offer and excellent service to customers. Thus, we bet on offering our customers an added value in all their purchases.

  • Advice: we offer a complete and personalized advice during the whole purchase process. We recommend the best options and the most interesting products depending on particular necessities of each customer.
  • Technical after-sales service: our qualified department of technical and after-sales service guarantees a fast response and assistance. We act fast and effectively, giving preference to customer necessities.

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