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Micromatic - Wasserlab

The Micromatic water purification unit is a perfect alternative to the classic glass distiller, presenting numerous advantages

Micromatic - Wasserlab

12 June 2020

The Micromatic water purification unit is a perfect alternative to the classic glass distiller, presenting numerous advantages over the latter, such as water quality, water and electrical consumption or the simplicity and convenience of the process. It is not necessary to be controlling the water inlet, as well as opening and closing the fountain, we avoid manipulating the glass equipment.

The glass distiller is used in educational centers and laboratories that require water type III. This water is suitable for general laboratory tests such as qualitative analyses, histological or parasitological procedures, washing of analytical samples, preparation of standard solutions and for the washing and rinsing of general laboratory use material.

The Micromatic water purifier is the right equipment for more specialized laboratories requiring type II water. This water is recommended for most analytical and general laboratory processes, such as haematological, serological or microbiological analysis; as well as for chemical methods that specifically require it or preparation of standard solutions of higher accuracy.


Wasserlab has made modifications on the Micromatic water purification equipment and on the water pre-treatment cartridges, resin cartridges and osmosis cartridges.

It is recommended to provide the serial number of the Micromatic equipment to ensure a correct supply of spare parts, or the number of the original cartridge to be replaced.

The manufacturer of the Micromatic equipment has made modifications in the connectors of the cartridges, the internal programming of the number of hours/litres of validity of use for each cartridge and the cartridges included in the equipment.

Pre-treatment cartridges: 

  •  PDD002: Pretreatment cartridges PCK200, 4 pcs. Valid for two changes of pretreatment cartridges. Capacity to purify 450 L of water or 180 working hours, for each change (total 900 L or 360 hours). For Micromatic with serial number 212.131 to 218.036
  • PDD005: PCK401 pre-treatment cartridges, 2 pcs. Valid for one change of pre-treatment cartridges. Capacity to purify 600 L of water or 250 working hours. For Micromatic Series No. 218.097 onwards

Resin cartridges: the previous reference PDD003 is maintained despite the modifications to the resin cartridges.

  • PDD003 becomes 2 units, valid for a resin cartridge change, but with a total purification capacity higher than the current one, reaching 1500 L of water.

Osmosis cartridges: the reference PDD004 is kept.

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