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New Navarra Health Cluster NHC

Presentation of the new Navarra Health Cluster NHC, innovation and collaboration for the Future of Healthcare

New Navarra Health Cluster NHC

5 April 2023

On Monday 3 April, our Commercial Director Ricardo Ainciburu attended the presentation of the NHC, Navarra's new health centre, at CEIN. The event was attended by members of the Board of Directors and associates, companies from the sector, the media and numerous institutional representatives.

This is a cluster in which 38 entities collaborate and of which we have been part since its creation. We are very happy to share this new project with you all.

NHC is a sectoral cluster, a pioneering initiative in the region, whose main objective is to improve the competitiveness and innovation of companies in the health sector, promoting diversification and collaboration between partners, institutions and agents in the sector, facilitating internationalisation and stimulating the attraction and retention of specialist talent.

It also aims to create channels of collaboration with the public administration of Navarre in order to improve the competitive environment and position the region as a reference in the field of biohealth.
In addition, there is a firm commitment to improving the scientific and technological culture of Navarrese society and the cohesion of the commercial and institutional fabric in the health sector.

The strategic plan is structured around 5 main lines of action:

  1. Strengthen internal and external communication.
  2. Consolidate and stimulate the growth of the cluster.
  3. Improving the regional context / participating in the Navarre business development ecosystem.
  4. Generate and retain talent in the field of biohealth.
  5. Promote innovation and diversification (sustainable economy and digital transition).

The 38 partners. The cluster partners are InnoUp, Cinfa, IdiSNA, Genbioma, Eversens, CreoMedical, Cein, Ardena, Agenor, 3P Biopharmaceuticals, Cima de UN, University of Navarre, UPNA, Telum, NNBi, Ikan Biotech, IAR, Leadartis, sgp Qube, Vivet therapeutics, Darwin Biomedical, Auxilab, Tairel Data, Tedcas, Viscofan, Ojer Pharma, Sanifarma, NewPharma Solutions, Navarrabiomed, Sendo diabetes, Clínica Universidad de Navarra, YS : um Medical Innovation, Vitio, Abanza, Mediobiofarma, Nafarco, Recombina biotech and Nasertic.

9,750 people. A total of 17,300 people work in these companies, 9,750 of them in Navarre. 2,500 of them are dedicated to research and development.

What is it about? The Navarra Healthcare Cluster brings together companies, knowledge centres and institutions that contribute to the development of the health industry in Navarre. Its aim is to improve the competitive environment and make Navarre a benchmark in the field of bio-health. All of this with the aim of improving the quality of life of patients.

For more information, visit the NHC website: https://navarrahealthcluster.com/