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Lactoscan, milk analyser and derivates

Lactoscan is an equipment for the determination of important quality parameters in different types of milk and its derivates

Lactoscan, milk analyser and derivates

6 May 2021

It is suitable for farms, lacto-industries or laboratories.
It is used for the determination of fat (FAT), solid non-fat (SNF), protein, lactose, salts, water content, temperature (°C), freezing point, pH, conductivity and density in a single sample directly
after milking, at collection or during processing. It is a portable instrument thanks to the 12V adapter. It is easy to install on a milk collection truck.

Essential benefits:

  • Fast, multiple parameters in 50 seconds
  • User friendly” > easy to use, to install, to calibrate
  • Compact and robust design. Portable equipment
  • Very low sample volume per determination
  • No reagent used for analysis
  • Connection to a computer via RS232
  • Can be used with a wide range of milks.
  • Includes 3 calibrations as standard: cow, sheep and UHT. Other calibrations on request.
  • LACTOSCAN SP+ and LACTOSCAN SP-45+ (up to 45% fat) are equipped with pH electrode, conductivity determination and USB port: The LACTOSCAN milk analyser performs fast
    and accurate milk analysis. LACTOSCAN performs rapid milk analysis and daily production analysis of: Cow’s milk 25% fat, Goat’s milk, Buffalo milk, Whey), Concentrated milk (up to 1,160
    kg/L),cream (up to 45%), skimmed milk (0,01 % fat), reconstituted milk, etc.
  • The equipment can be calibrated by its user using specific samples with: Yoghurt, flavoured milk; ice cream, etc.

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