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Ozone SAM Verification Kit

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Catalog No.: I-7433
Shelf life: 6 months

The I-7433 Verification Kit is intended for customers who use CHEMetrics Ozone Vacu-vials Kit, Catalog No. K-7433 and would like to verify the performance of the CHEMetrics I-2022 Ozone SAM (Single Analyte Meter).

Each kit is packaged in a compact, durable polypropylene carrying case and includes a set of ampoules containing various dye solutions specific to the wavelength of the I-2022 SAM. The absorbance of each dye ampoule is individually confirmed using a spectrophotometer that is certified using optical standards traceable to NIST.

A Certificate of Conformance is supplied with each kit that reports the range of permissible test values for each standard in the kit.