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Orbital and reciprocating shaker "Rotaterm". WITH HEATING PLATFORM. DIGITAL ELECTRONIC REGULATION OF SPEED, TEMPERATURE AND OPERATING TIME. WITH BUILT-IN SAFETY THERMOSTAT AND TEMPERATURE LIMITER. TEMPERATURE STABILITY ±1°C CONTROL PANEL Temperature control. 1. Digital temperature display. 2. Push button to increase the temperature. 3. Push button to decrease the temperature. 4. Heating on-off button. 5. Over-temperature alarm indicator. Speed and operating time control. 6. Digital display of oscillations per minute and time (in minutes). 7. Indication of the parameter displayed. 8. Selector button for speed or operating time parameters. 9. Parameter value increase button. 10. Parameter value decrease push-button. 11. Agitation start-stop pushbutton. CHARACTERISTICS For plate temperatures from +5°C to 250°C. Speed and operating time control. Digital electronic control temperature controller with Pt 100 probe (3 digits). Resolution: 1 digit. Digital electronic speed control from 20 to 230 oscillations per minute and operating time from 1 to 999 minutes or continuous. Oscillation amplitude adjustable to 15 or 20 mm. Selector device for orbital or reciprocating motion. Epoxy coated outer cabinet. Upper platform in aluminium with homogeneously distributed heating elements. Upper structure in stainless steel. AISI 304 stainless steel upper structure with elastic tensors to hold all kinds of beakers, flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks, flasks, racks, etc. Digital calibration of the temperature circuit. Over-temperature alarm. Plate dimensions: - Width: 41 cm - Depth: 31 cm - Height: 30 cm Outside dimensions: - Width: 46 cm - Depth: 38 cm Power 2300W

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