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Micro spatula stainless steel 102

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Made of 18/10 AISI 304 stainless steel, which offers the best protection against corrosion and oxidation due to the presence of nickel.
This selection of stainless steel is associated with the choice of a surface quality offering the best quality of cleaning and disinfection: bright annealed.
The combination of these two criteria offers, in particular in a medical environment, better behavior with aqueous solutions, common detergents and dilute organic acids.

Washing and cleaning can be carried out by manual or automatic means.
Can be used:
- detergents, washing powders and soaps,
- non-abrasive powders,
- solvents.
But we recommend the following procedure:
- washing with water to which a dishwashing and rinsing product has been added.

- the application of chlorinated or iodized products,
- the use of abrasive products.

DISINFECTION: Agencinox products
accept any method of disinfection and
sterilization (chemical or steam).

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