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Horizontal electrophoresis cell, 550 mL

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The medium Horizontal Tank JY-SPCT is the most widely used electrophoresis unit in molecular biology research for DNA and RNA purification and separation.It holds 4 different sizes of gel trays, which can produce 4 different gel sizes: 120x120mm, 120x60mm, 60×120, 60x60mm. It is capable of 1-100 samples with the max. buffer volume of 550ml.
It is easier to open and fit the lid with easy-open knob.
4 adjustment bottom footers to adjust the tank keep level .
With the drift prevention function on the gel tray, effectively the band from bending.
It not only guarantees cooling effect, but also keeps stable pH value during the whole processing with abundant buffer.
It makes maintenance and replacement easy and quick with dismountable electrodes.
It is convenient to add samples with redesigned background color on the tray.
Transparent top lid effectively prevents buffer from volatilizing and electricity from leaking.
Auto-switch-off when the lid is removed.
Technical Specifications
Sample throughput 1~100
Gel Size(WxL) 120*120mm,120*60mm,60*120mm,60*60mm
Max. Buffer Volume 550ml
Tank Dimension(LxWxH) 300*160*75mm
Weight 1.1kg
Complete: tank, lid with electrodes, mould and trays for gels and combs