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Horizontal electrophoresis cell, 48*75mm

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The Mini Horizontal Tank ZFD020 offers updated advantages in basic teaching applications for DNA and RNA purification and separation.It is capable of 3-18 samples with the agarose gel size of 48mm wide and 75mm long.
-It is easier to open and fit the lid with easy-open knob.
-It not only guarantees cooling effect, but also keeps stable pH value during the whole processing with abundant buffer.
-It makes maintenance and replacement easy and quick with dismountable electrodes.
-It is convenient to add samples with redesigned background color on the tray,.
-Transparent top lid effectively prevents buffer from volatilizing and electricity from leaking.
-Auto-switch-off when the lid is removed.
Complete: tank, lid with electrodes, mould and trays for gels and combs
Gels of 48x75 mm
Recommended power supply: ZFD014