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Digital Refractometer for colostrum

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Digital refractometer with automatic temperature compensation to measure various scales in colostrum:
- Milk concentration, Range: 0-50% - Resolution: 0.10% - Accuracy: ±0.2%
- Total serum immunoglobulin content, Range: 0-12g/dl - Resolution: 0.1g/dl - Accuracy: 0.2g/dl

For milk concentration:
>22% means >50mg/mL IgG which means the quality of the milk is good.
Between 20%~21.9% means values of 24.9-49.9mg/mL of IgG which means that the quality of the milk is acceptable.
<19.9% is equivalent to values <25mg/mL of IgG, which means a low quality of the milk.

For total immunoglobulin content:
Between 5.5~7g/dl means that the GI values are ideal.
Higher > 7g/dl indicates a disease or dehydration of the animal.

It includes:
1x ATC Digital Refractometer
1x mini screwdriver
1x Protective case
1x User Manual