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Labforum postponed until 2021

The current requirements do not guarantee the success of an event with the characteristics of LABFORUM.

Labforum postponed until 2021

25 June 2020

This is the official statement:

Dear colleagues and friends,

Following the suggestions of a significant number of exhibitors and taking into account the current circumstances of uncertainty caused by Covid 19, together with the new regulations put in place by the Spanish Government, we have decided to postpone again the seventh edition of Farmaforum to 17 and 18 March 2021.

The current requirements with respect to social distancing, the use of masks, the difficulty of delivering material, the impossibility of holding business meetings on a stand, and the limited capacity are criteria that currently do not guarantee the success of an event with the characteristics of FARMAFORUM.

We hope that with the new dates planned, we will finally achieve the desired security for FARMAFORUM/LABFORUM and guarantee the success for exhibitors and visitors once again.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that to date, the exhibition continues to grow in new exhibitors and we also continue to work on updating the conferences and workshops to maximize the interest of all participants.

As on previous occasions, we are trying to inform you of this decision well in advance for the benefit of all.

Best regards,
Eugenio Pérez de Lema
Director Farmaforum/Labforum