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Medibas+ centrifuge mod. 2741

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Bargain available until: 31/12/2021

Ref.: GLC001

Centrifuges » Universal » Bench top



Swing-out rotor and digital control
Max. speed: 4000 rpm
Max. RCF: 2790 g
Timer 0-99 min
9 acceleration rates
9 deceleration rates
Short-spin function
- 4 tubes of 100 mL (105x38 mm)
- 8 tubes of 50mL Falcon type(103x28 mm)
- 16 tubes of 15mL Falcon type (100x16 mm)
Autoclavable rotor and adapters
Maintenance-free induction motor
Power Supply: 220V / 50-60Hz
Power: 350W