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High speed multirotor centrifuge 2624/2

Ref.: GJC002

Centrifuges » For microtubes » Bench top



100-15000rpm, 10 by 10.
Electromagnetic locking and manual emergency release
Steel casing and base painted in white
Cover with suspenders
Barrel with auxiliary ventilation system to prevent overheating

5 angle heads optional (not included with the instrument):
1.5/2.2mL tubes x 24 (ref. 92624001)
Microhematocrit capillary x 24 (ref. 92624002)
5mL tubes (13x53 mm) x 10 (ref. 92624003)

Power supply: 220VAC 50HZ
PCR tubes (0.2x8x4cm) (ref. 92624004)
0.5mL tubes x 36 (ref. 92624005)