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New products


Narrow mouth bottle w/secure cap HDPE,250 ml, ENDO

Narrow mouth bottle w/secure cap HDPE,250 ml, ENDO

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Pocket balance 100g/0.01g

Pocket balance 100g/0.01g

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New anatomical models

Due to our efforts to improve and increase our products range, we add several new anatomical models to our catalogue, which will be ideal for the human anatomy study. All of them present a great level of detail and accuracy.


AUXILAB presents the new protection brand: ENDOproteclab

As a result of our work on improving and expand our product portfolio, borns our trademark ENDOproteclab. It is an own brand created to complete a range of protective clothes that will warranty the safety and hygiene in the daily lab work, manufacturing plants, factory site visits, etc.


Company dedicated since 2000 to the distribution of laboratory equipment, it offers you a wide range of products more than 3000 goods, from fungible material essential in any laboratory to high features equipments made for the most demanding professional.
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  • Timetable:
    • Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 17,00 h
    • Friday from 8,30 to 15,00 h

Po. Morea Norte D - Nº6
31191 Beriain (Navarra - Spain)

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