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New products


Micropipette positive displ. Acura 846, 10-50 uL

Micropipette positive displ. Acura 846, 10-50 uL

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Flask round bottom groud joint 14/23, 250 ml

Flask round bottom groud joint 14/23, 250 ml

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NEW thermostatic digital baths NAHITA

We modify our range of digital water baths. . The new model offers an improved design, contemporary and functional
Better prices;besides the design improvements in the equipment, we offer a price improving.
More capacities;we incorporate to the range digital water baths of 19 L


New mini centrifuges NAHITA

Very useful in molecular biology laboratories for microfiltration techniques and sample preparation for HPLC or PCR, they are extremely compact so they are easily transportable and suitable for laboratories with room problems or for use in refrigerated area for limited period


Company dedicated since 2000 to the distribution of laboratory equipment, it offers you a wide range of products more than 3000 goods, from fungible material essential in any laboratory to high features equipments made for the most demanding professional.
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    • Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 17,00 h
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31191 Beriain (Navarra - Spain)

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